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Discover Villanova

Springs of Mudeju - Romana

 Address: loc. Mudeju, 07010 Romana (SS)

The Abbarghente springs, also known as Mudeju, are considered ancient sacred springs from which naturally sparkling water of volcanic origin flows. In fact, the area is known for the ancient cult of these mineral and curative waters used by the Nuragic peoples, the Punic civilisation and then by the Romans who created the thermal baths. Of the ancient buildings there are only a few ruins and two tubs, now buried, were visible until a few years ago: they were made of red trachyte, with internal masonry characterised by two colours and a frontal channel. The healing properties of these springs have been proved by the discovery, around the town, of small statues, probably votive offerings from people affected by a disease and cured thanks to the beneficial properties of these waters, emerging at the right bank of the River Temo, 175 m above sea level. Many of these finds are displayed in the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Sanna in Sassari. Currently, having lost the element of sacredness attached to them, it is widely believed that these waters are effective for the treatment of kidney disorders. For this reason there is a continuing influx of people from various places, sometimes very distant. The fountains are two: the more copious one flows in the highest part and is characterized by a longer shelf life, but a lesser effervescence than that placed at the bottom.